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Antoinette Nicolini ( Antoinette Olivieri aka Nicolini ) was born on june 4th in 1953 in Modane ( France ) to Corsican parents.


1954 – 1959


She spent her childwood in Corsica.


1960 – 1973


Antoinette Nicolini’s passion for drawing came at a very early age. As a handy and creative child, she made clothes for her dolls and was thus the admiration of her family and friends . She enjoyed illustrating poems with coloring pencils in her copy books. She was twelve when she painted her first work on a salvaged wood panel. She then involved into fashion, dancing, photography and decorative arts. She was accepted into Art Section in Lycée Marbeuf in Bastia but decided to try something different the following year. She had a happy childwood and happy teenage years and completed her secondary school studies in Corsica.


1974 – 1986


After she received her high school diploma, she enrolled in law school but soon dropped out to attend Jean d’Estrées Beauty School in Nice. After she graduated, she was awarded first prize by famous international make-up artist Jean d’Estrées for her artistic skills. Antoinette Nicolini was deeply moved by the tribute school principal, Marcelle Gontard, paid her on the day she left the school as she encouraged her move to Paris and become a theatrical make-up artist.

Back in Corsica disappointed with her career choice, Antoinette Nicolini realized "without telling anyone" that the only way for her was artistic creation.

She then committed herself to the world of painting she was always dreamed of, went to many exhibitions, visited museums and took inspiration from different art trend reading book. She deeply admired Cézanne, liked Van Gogh, Manet ,Modigliani, Matisse, De Staël, Gauguin, Degas, Rembrandt, Boticelli. She was really impressed by Picasso and enjoyed Esteve's work among many other more contemporary artist.

She worked on her own for many years and with much anxiety and fear. She decided to show her work for the first time in 1987. Acclamed by the public and comforted by the highly positive encouraging review, she rejoiced in her career choice and decided to fully dedicate herself to art and creation.


From 1987 today.


Antoinette Nicolini’s first exhibition was held in 1987 in Bastia. In 1998, she met Paule Luciani, an event that would be decisive and crucial to her career. Paule Luciani who was at the time Art Director at the Galerie Kaliste 21 In Paris and now runs the Galery du Marais in both Paris and Saint Malo, encouraged Nicolini and gave her the opportunuty to show her works throughout the world. From Corsica to Paris, all over France as well as in Europe, the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Asia, Africa and Australia. Antoinette Nicolini’s works are now part of numerous art collections throughout the world .