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Antoinette NICOLINI, Self made artist was born in 1953.

From chilhood, she is interested by the drawings.
Manual and inventive, she is admired by her family by making the clothes of her dolls.
She would like to become fashion designer, but life decided on it in another way.

She is twelve years old when she accomplishes its first painting.
Very young, she demonstrates a big interest for art : painting, sculpture, dance, photography,decorative arts and fashion.
Having acquired baccalaureate in Bastia, she makes studies of aesthetics in Nice.
Back in Corsica, her earth of origin, she aspires only to the single thing: to become professional painter.
Her first exhibition took place in 1987 at the "Galerie Aquarelle" in Bastia.
She multiplies exhibitions in Corsica and in the continent; participates in various art collective exhibitions, festivals of comtemporary art, in France and aboard.

Follow 1998, thanks to a friend, she makes an encounter which will be crucial and decisive for her artistic career.
Paule LUCIANI, who created her first gallery "Kallisté 21" in Paris, offers her to display her work.
She will defend and promote Antoinette NICOLINI's artworks and encourage the artist.

Nowadays, Antoinette NICOLINI displays her work, permanently at the "Galerie du MArais" 21, Place des Vosges in Paris, France and 1, Place Gasnier Duparc (Cathedral Square) in Saint-Malo (35400) owned by Paule LUCIANI, enthralled galleries owner, and her son, Cyril BATAILLE-LUCIANI.
Her work is present in numerous private collections, in France and in the world.

Antoinette NICOLINI wants to thank particulary, for their support and précious encouragement throughout her headway of painter, punctuated by doubts and by taking a new direction:

- Christian NICOLIN, her husband.
- Letizia NICOLINI, her daughter.
- Christian GERMAK, criticizes art.
- Pierre CHAUBON, Regional Councillor and State Member of the Council.
- François MOSCONI, Mayor of CONCA.
- José TOMASI, Master of conference in the University of Corsica and Manager of Department of Arts.
- Jacques THIERS, writer and manager of the University Cultural Art of Corsica.
- Michel CHASSEUIL , collectionneur de la plus belle cave du monde.
- Renée et André GREMILLOT , Galeristes.

- The municipalities : Bastia, Ajaccio, Ville Di Pietrabugno, Calvi, Ile-Rousse, Nonza, Caen, Magné.
- The journalists: Jean-Marc RAFFAELLI, Joseph Guy POLETTI, Hélène ROMANI, Sandra ALFONSI , André  CASABIANCA , Marie-Magdelaine PUGLIESI-CONTI.
- The daily Regional Press : CORSE-MATIN.
- The TV Chanel , FR3 Corse.
- Jean-Marie ZACCHI, Artist.
- François QUILICI, Artist.
- Her parents, her friends, all gallery owners and business managers who displayed her work, as well as collectors who trusted in her.

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